FAQ - Shipping and P/U



Please allow 1-3 days for your order to be processed for shipping or pickup.  We make every effort  to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.  I am a human, working with human hands and a human brain.  I'm not perfect, but I do my best.  Read more about order processing here.



We ship both domestically and to select international destinations using the expedited parcel shipping option.  Shipping times will depend on your location.  We use Canada Post and their delivery times along with any notices of delays are available on their website. Kev's Diecast Collectibles is not responsible for shipping carrier delays.

Kev's Diecast Collectibles Merch orders can take 4-8 weeks to create and deliver as they are made to order.  These will be shipped separately from other items unless you request to hold the package until the merch arrives.


Canada Shipping

We offer flat rate shipping on qualifying orders.  The cost is based on the destination province.  The flat rate shipping option covers 1 12"x12"x12" box and uses the Expedited Parcel shipping option with Canada Post.  Any orders that are smaller or larger than this box will have a quote sent to them directly for the exact rate. If your box is smaller than this, the lower rate between the exact cost and the flat rate will be charged. 

The amount of items that can fit in one of these boxes depends on the size of the items and their packaging.  We take special care to make sure all items are packaged appropriately and safely to ensure they make it to their destination in the condition that they were shipped in.  This may decrease the number of items able to fit into a box if some are more fragile or awkwardly shaped and require extra protection. 

*PLEASE NOTE* For orders of 20 or more vehicles, they may or may not fit into a flat rate box depending on the packaging.  If they do not fit into the flat rate box you will be charged exact shipping costs and provided with a link to complete payment for the difference if you have already paid the flat rate at checkout.

 *Please note* Items sized in the scale of 1:18 or larger, or items with a large package size (ex. specially boxed multi-car sets, etc),  and orders of less than a full 12x12x12 box will not qualify for flat rate shipping and will require the "Shipping Quote" option.  This option will come up at no cost at checkout.  After the order has been packed, we will determine the shipping costs and provide you with a link to complete the payment for the shipping.  The shipping cost charged will be the exact costs of shipping the items.


*PLEASE NOTE* All boxes are sent with tracking and the tracking number will be provided to you once the items have shipped.  We will not accept any requests to send products without tracking. All shipments within Canada will be delivered to a post office and held for pickup.  With the amount of parcel theft happening these days, it is better to be safe than sorry.  If you would like to opt out of this option and have the item left at your door please click HERE to fill out the waiver that transfers all responsibility for the package to you once the item is delivered by Canada Post.  

International Shipping

At this time we only offer exact cost shipping internationally. 

To the USA shipments will either be shipped tracked packet (up to 2lb and small box) or expedited parcel.  Shipping carrier used is Canada Post/USPS. We have found that on average we can fit 2-3 1:64 scale cars in the tracked packet before it sizes into expedited parcel rates.  Sometimes it makes more sense to bundle things together for expedited parcel if you are making multiple purchases. 

We currently ship to the USA and Canada only by default.  We are unable to offer shipping to other countries at this time due to incredibly high shipping costs for tracked packages. If you are okay with knowing that shipping will be very high and would like a shipping quote anyway, please contact us and we can see if we can accommodate your order, depending on the country. Please note that we can not ship to all countries, so be aware that your country may not be able to be accommodated, but we will definitely look into it for you. 

Once we have packaged and determined the shipping costs for the item you will receive a link to complete the payment of the shipping.  Once the payment is received then your item will ship out.  

*PLEASE NOTE* We will not falsify any customs documentation.  All packages will be marked as a commercial sale and the values will be correctly declared.  All costs associated with importing the items into your country including duties, taxes, levies, etc. imposed by customs are the responsibility of the purchaser.


While we do not have a brick and mortar store location that can be visited, we do offer local pickup options in Abbotsford and Langley, British Columbia.  For more information on local pickup options, please click HERE